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Where can i find the Lions Rugby jersey on My account? (attachment on profile)?

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I am trying to find this Jersey for my boyfriend for his birthday that coming up, he loves The Lions :) Please help!

Try googling British Lions rugby shirt

Is Super Rugby getting "watered down"?

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I ask this question upon hearing that the much maligned Southern Kings, a Rugby franchise based in Eastern Cape, South Africa, has been granted provisional entrance into the 2013 addition of the Super Rugby tournament. The Southern Kings will be based around South African provincial sides that do not even play in our top flight division, the Currie Cup.

Now, I am South African and embarrassingly, a Lions fan, and I’ll be the first to admit that the Lions are not Super Rugby material and have become a joke. And after looking promising, the loss of their Wallabies has turned the Western Force into a basement team. And then New Zealand has the Highlanders. They are much better than the Lions but for years now, they have literally been "champions of the basement", beating out the Lions, Reds and Cheetahs. And, besides the Lions and the impending arrival of the Kings, Australia has their Melbourne franchise coming in. The alarming thing about the Melbourne franchise is, is that they have been heavily recruiting South African talent to bolster their ranks, proving that Australia lacks the depth to front more than 3 competitive Union sides while facing competition from League and Aussie Rules.

So, by expanding within the SANZAR nations, do you think Super Rugby is getting watered down as non of the expansion teams have actually made any impact nor do they look like it? And is it time the SANZAR boys start looking at inviting franchises/teams from outside of South Africa, New Zealand and Australia?

yes. But you’re being short-sighted here. The extra franchises will develop talent and it will lead to growth of the game in Oz, I hope.

Why do our English Football and Cricket teams have the Three Lions emblem, but the Rugby team a Rose?

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I know a little of the history of the rose, so please don’t tell me that, I guess, I really wanna know why they are different.

Found this on a website, might help answer :)

The simple answer is that we do not know why it was chosen, but there are three possibilities:
The royal English rose is white and red. This rose was created to symbolise the marriage between Henry VII (House of Lancaster) and Elizabeth (House of York) and the end of the War of the Roses. Therefore, the ‘English’ rose is not red, but half red and half white. However, subsequent monarchs (such as Elizabeth I) continued to be associated with the red rose because they were descended from the House of Lancaster. So it is the red rose (rather than the red and white rose) which is often, incorrectly, seen as symbolising England or the English monarchy. Therefore the RFU might have selected the red rose for this reason.
Secondly, Lawrence Sheriff, the founder of Rugby School (where the game started) was presented with a coat of arms by Elizabeth I and in doing so she allowed him to use her red (Lancaster) rose [see above] on the crest. When he founded Rugby School the new institution based their own coat of arms on his, and so the red rose ended up on the Rugby School crest. The white kit worn by England was taken from the kit used at Rugby School, so it might be that a symbolic image was also taken from the school crest as a badge. Even more likely is the possibility that a combination of this connection with Rugby School and the incorrect identification of the red rose as the ‘English’ rose
The third possibility is that the red rose is actually used because it is also the symbol of the county of Lancashire. Of the subcommittee of men who selected the first England side in 1871, two came from clubs in Lancashire (Liverpool and Manchester). It is therefore possible that they were also responsible for selecting the England kit (including the red rose). However, it is highly unlikely that the other RFU Committee members would have accepted such a blatantly regional emblem on the national jersey and they would have reversed such a decision immediately.

How is South Africa number 2 on the IRB World Ranking ladder if we won both the Tri-nations and the Lions tour?

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I mean we were even IRB team of the year.

You pretty much answered your own question. The Lions Tour have zero effect on the IRB Rankings. It covers only international test matches between nations. As for the Tri Nations, SA was up against highly ranked nations anyway, so there were less IRB points to trade. IRB Team of the year is not a consideration either.

The Ranking system does not reflect trophies or series’ won by any team. It is simply a game by game mathematical equation that takes lots of factors into account:

1. Home team is treated as having an automatic 3 point advantage.
2. Ranking gap is calculated for any given match. This is the current ranking between the two teams facing each other. This is used to calculate a core ranking change should either team win.
3. A lower ranked team can acquire more points from a win than a higher ranked team because their core ranking change will be higher. e.g. if South Africa beat Fiji, they would collect little points. If the Fijians upset the Boks, they would collect much more.
4. If a team wins by more than 15 points, the core ranking change is multiplied by 1.5. This means that if you win by bigger margins, you collect more points.
5. Core rankings are always multiplied by 2 in RWC finals. This is to ensure the finalists are reflected in the IRB rankings.

In the case of NZ vs SA, NZ has simply won more games by bigger margins. While SA was busy playing the Lions, NZ was playing France and Italy. Also add 3 x 15 point + margins against Ireland and Wales in 2010, you start to get the picture.

Did you think South Africa would beat the British and Irish Lions?

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Also, when was the last time the B&I Lions actually won a tour? I’m sure they lost against New Zealand.

Odd timing to this question, given that the Springboks took two of of three from the Lions just last summer. They certainly weren’t crushed, just beaten by a better team. In particular, the second game in the series could have gone either way. It will be Australia’s turn in the next tour (2013), but that isn’t for another three years.

Anyway, in the modern professional era is unrealistic to expect the B&I Lions to beat any established Tier One national side in a multi-game series. The are a collection of fine brilliant individual players but they are still individuals. The squad is essentially a "throw-together" one which only trains and plays together for six to eight weeks every four years. But it takes a full year of training to turn a collection of individual players into a TEAM. It is a wonderful publicity and fund raising tour for the sport, but it is not serious rugby.

Same factors apply to the SH powers. If a hypothetical SANZAR squad (organized on the same basis – six seeks out of every four years) were to tour the home nations and/or France, they would do no better, for the same reasons. They would win the odd game, but would not be consistent enough to do it on a regular basis.

To answer the other part of your question, the last time the Lions won a test series was their most recent (excepting last year) tour against the Springboks in 1997. A last gasp of the amateur era.