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who is the youtube user who’s name is alex, he’s british, and obsessed with lions?

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I had to get a new account and I cant remember his username!!

All British people are obsessed with lions. As are Australians. They just like the way they sound when they say "loiyun".

If an English rugby player had a fight with a lion who would win?

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with no weapon to hand

English rugby players believe they are lions, so it would have to be pretty equal, as far as they are concerned

the Lion. the english man will shoot himself for a quick death.

Why do British Commentators insist on referring to the British AND IRISH Lions as the British Lions?

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I’ve noticed this a lot with British rugby commentators and within wanting to stir up any shit it seriously pisses me off. Need we keep reminding you guys that Ireland became independednt in the 1920′s? Seriously? Are they just trying to insult Irish people by doing this? Do they really want to alienate Irish people from supporting the Lions brand, given the contribution Irish players have made to the lions over the years? Because that’s what’s going to happen!

Oh — I can just hear some of our SH colleagues chuckling as they think to themselves "B&I Lions? Only one of the three from the bok’s last year, and no tour wins since ’97. Why would anyone care what they are called?" Of course that second game last year could have gone either way.

But honestly, I myself have not noticed the trend you mention. In my experience Premiership or Magners League commentators almost invariably refer to either the British and Irish Lions, or just "the Lions". And I, for one, do notice the ommission the odd time that it occurs.

I think those in the rugby community, both in Britain and abroad, are very familiar with the unique composition and proud history of the Irish Rugby Football Union. Nor do I believe that anyone is anxious to minimize the Irish contribution to the Lions.

I think you have simply happened to have overheard more than your share of the odd isolated incident. People do make honest (albeit silly) mistakes.

Golden Lions v Pumas live,Pumas vs Golden Lions live rugby match where can i watch?

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How should Great Britain enter the 2016 Olympic rugby 7′s tournament?

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I have just been watching the opening ceremony of the 2010 commonwealth games opening ceremony in the process of the commentary the commentator mentioned how rugby 7′s is going to be taking place in Rio in 2016 and it made me think: How are Britain going to enter? Like football, international rugby is played individually by the home nations.
Unlike football, Rugby union isn’t blessed with lots of talented nations (even though smaller nations perform better at 7′s than 15) so a British entry may be necessary, especially since 3 (England, Scotland, Wales) of the (GB) nations (Northern Ireland are part of the Ireland team) are in IRB top 10 world rankings and they were also in "core teams" in the 09-10 IRB sevens world series (They get to enter all World 7 events).
So for the credibility for 7′s it might be called imperative that a Great Britain is allowed to enter, but how?
Luckily Rugby, unlike Football has a potential precedent in the shape of the Lions (with Ireland, I know) tour to the southern hemisphere every 4 years.

Should a potential GB team (should qualification be successful) enter under the Lions name/banner (if allowed or if necessary) or should it just be Great Britain?

He are a of articles i found online:

I believe in strong diversity. Thus I want Great Britain to come in as Great Britain at the Rugby Sevens in 2016 Olympic games.