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Is it possible to play rugby for a national team other than your own?

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I currently play rugby in America, and im wondering if it is possible to play rugby for a team like the british and irish lions, or possibly like the All Blacks if you are not originally from that country

Hey Andrew when we are all at it, you have a very narrow minded opinion about NH supporters. Just because you feel the need to have a go at someone over what they claimed weather right or wrong dont go brand the rest of us. Btw if your talking about Riki Flutey being one of England’s best then dont flatter yourself butty cos he aint. Now that is a typical SH attitude … "oh he was born in the SH so he must be better than most NH players …" go take a lie down for yourself will ya boy.

Now to answer your question. Some countries have certain rules about this. For example Isa Nacewa playing in Ireland at Leinster, born in New Zealand, wants to play for New Zealand but cant because of the system in place, as he played one game for Fiji a few years back. Its really the Sports governing body in each country that essentially decides if a players can be capped at International level. Also Ronan O Gara moved to Ireland a few months after he was born to Irish Parents – not American born. If thats the case where we are from the location of our birth then im from Waterford …… I aint.

@Andrew – How am i a hypocrite eh? Dont go using terminology if you dont understand the meaning butty. The word your looking for is petty or childish. You have just proved why SH folk are so cocky. If Hape was one of the best in England as you claim then he would be the 1st to come to mind …… he wasnt obviously. Btw im Irish so can you tell me what Leinster players (Or Munster for that matter), if they were not in Ireland would be on the starting 15 of SH teams at International level?? Il give you a clue …… NONE!!!!!!

Does the British comedy Four Lions do a good job at ridiculing terrorists?

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I don’t think that was the aim. The terrorist characters were not ridiculed. They were portrayed as human, but misguided, victims.