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Will I be accepted to any of the following colleges?

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I’m really worried about this whole college application process.. I had a rough Freshman and Sophomore year but I really stepped it up last year.

Possible Schools:
University of Tampa
St. Joseph’s University
University of Central Florida
Drexel University
Bentley University
High Point University
Loyola University Chicago
University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Roger Williams University
James Madison University
University of Denver
DePaul University

As for me…

Intended Major: Journalism, Communications, or Marketing
State: Connecticut
School Type: Competitive Public
Ethnicity: White
Religion: Catholic
Gender: Male

SAT I: 1880 [ 630 / 630/ 620 ]
GPA: 2.7 [ Overall ]
[ Grade 9 ] 2.2
[ Grade 10 ] 2.6
[ Grade 11 ] 3.3

As you can see, my GPA has increased significantly year after year. I’ll be taking AP Physics and AP Psychology this year. I fully intend to raise my GPA even higher.

1. Rugby Team [ 9 JV, 10 V, 11 V, 12 Captain ] – State Championship Runner Ups [ 11 ]
2. Lions Club [ 11, 12 Board Member ] – 150+ Hours of Community Service
3. Intern at Advanced Media, Inc. – 250+ Hours
4. Administrative Assistant at a reknowned Construction, Brokerage, and Facility Management Company – 300 + Hours
5. Freelance Journalist [ 11, 12 ] — More than 500 news articles and editorials read by more than 3.5 million people
6. Attended the National Student Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. [ 9 ]
7. Indoor Track [ 9 V, 10 V, 11 V, 12 V ]
8. Football [ 9 F, 10 JV ]
@OakleyJD I plan to have a great senior year and end up with at least a 2.9.
@guy sense 4.0 scale

Most colleges are not going to consider grades past junior year. At best only the first half of Senior year would be looked at for the handful of highly selective private colleges that consider Senior year grades and even that would not be possible if applying early action/early decision which often offers a significantly higher rate of admission. Look to see if the colleges that you are applying to consider freshman year at all and then look to see how they consider grade trends. The general idea is that the highest level in a subject is what is most important. Also for subjects that are tested on the Sat or Act- English, Algebra1, Algebra 2, Geometry (Sat) and all those subjects plus Trigonometry on the Act, the test scores give more insight into level of achievement in a subject. None of the public universities in California consider freshman year. Now days, due to pressure from certain factions, many colleges place an overwhelming weighting on grades as opposed to standardized test scores, and without even adjusting the grades for the competitive level of the high school or adjusting in a negative fashion for competitive high schools. Class rank is also considered without regard to the competitive level of the high school and even students who cannot achieve very minimal test scores are admitted to highly selective universities due to high Gpa and Class rank at an uncompetitive high school. Try and ferret out the colleges that consider the competitive level of the high school and place more weight on test scores than Gpa.
For instance U of Tampa…
Collegesearch indicates that 24% of students had between a 2.5 and 3.0 Gpa

Collegesearch also indicates that the the 25th percentile Sat Scores are: 490/490/480
The 75th percentile Sat scores are: 570/590/580

Standardized test scores, academic Gpa and rigor of school record are all very important facotrs.

Based on the above information, it seems like you should be admitted
St. Joseph’s University
15% had a Gpa between 2.5 and 2.99

Sat 25th: 510/520/510
Sat 75th: 600/610/610

Academic GPA and Rigor of secondary school record are very important factors
Character, Application Essay and Recommendations are Important factors
Standardized test scores and extracurricular activities are considered

Based on the above, probably not a good idea to place a high level of confidence in being admitted.

You can go through the rest using the same method of analysis. One factor that could significantly alter chances of admission is whether you are recruit caliber in Rugby. Although not an NCAA sport, there are definitely colleges that recruit for the sport including UC Berkeley and West Point. For athletic recruits, at most schools, as long as the recruit meets the minimum standards required for admission, he is admitted
A post grad year might be worth considering. If your grades improve further Senior year and with higher Sat/Act scores, and a post grad year, you would be able to gain admission to more selective universities than are on your list.

Good Luck!

If the British lions were playing now which 15 players would play?

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Jenkins, Hartley, Jones, O Connell, Lawes/Gray, Sean O Brien, Warburton, Heaslip, Phillips, Hook, Bowe, Roberts, O’Driscoll, Ashton, Foden.

Obviously just my opinion, feel free to discuss.

I’ve just started a rugby forum:

Feel free to sign up and discuss topics like this on there.

Are Golden Lions the real deal in Currie Cup this year?

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Off to a very good start – hopefully a good sign not only for this team, but also for Lions Rugby generally. Or do you reckon they’ll get a lesson at Loftus from the Blue Bulls with their released Springboks? What is the local (well at least Saffer) view of how Mitchell is settling in as coach?

Thanks for any insights.

Mark L

I’m a Lions fan.

No doubt it is a good start but there are a few areas for concern. They walloped Griquas 49-11 in Kimberley which was a huge result and a helluva performance. Kimberley is not an easy place to play; the turf is like concrete and it is fast, conducive to tries and the Lions, with a questionable defence, kept the Griquas quiet. Griquas were also installed by many as potential outsiders for the Currie Cup. It is Union that has made huge strides in the shadows of the ”Big 5” in recent seasons, just missing out on the playoffs last season.

But, aside from that, they then proceeded to concede 63 points over two games against the Pumas and Leopards, the teams who regularly contend for the ”wooden spoon”. This still highlights the Lions’ defensive frailties and it came against the competitions weakest opponents. During the game against the Leopards, the Lions found themselves cruising at 36-10 only to fall apart and rapidly concede 26 unanswered points and find themselves at 36-36 with 15 minutes to go. Granted, as is typical of their never-say-die attitude, they got it together and blitzed the Leopards for 17 unanswered points and came out 53-36.

Now, with all due respect to these 3 teams, they are not the Sharks or Province. The Lions will not easily score against these teams and any kind of defensive collapse will be the death of them. I’ve been a Lions fan all my life and every season we are touted as the one to watch, only for it to go to hell, so my days of counting chickens before they hatch are over. The Lions will be the real deal if they find themselves in a final. The Union is also in turmoil at the moment. Their sugar-daddy investors pulled out, leaving them with a massive hole in their budget.

The next Bok coach will have a lot of work to do with regards to defence. If John Mitchell can’t fix the Lions defence, I would not want him anywhere near a Bok set-up. I’d like to see the entire Stormers/Western Province coaching staff be looked at with regards to Bok jobs. They don’t score many tries, but you won’t score many against them either.