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Lions Rugby Team- Who Will Make The Lions Rugby Team?

Lions Rugby Team – Who are the likely contenders for the Test team in South Africa? Who will be the Lions Rugby Team captain? Read on and add your personal choices in the comments.
My choice at present ( I am never 100% decided and I am even more fickle with my team selections than Eamonn Dunphy!)
1. Gethin Jenkins (Wales)
2. Jerry Flannery (Ireland)
3. Ewan Murray (Scotland)
4. Donnacha O’ Callaghan (Ireland)
5. Paul O’Connell (Ireland) Captain
6. Ryan Jones (Wales)
7. David Wallace (Ireland)
8. Jamie Heaslip (Ireland)
9. Mike Blair (Scotland)
10. Ronan O’Gara (Ireland)
11. Shane Williams (Wales)
12. Ricky Flutey (England)
13. Brian O’Driscoll (Ireland)
14. Ugo Monye (England)
15. Lee Byrne (Wales)

16. Matthew Rees (Wales)
17. Adam Jones (Wales)
18. Alun-Wyn Jones (Wales)
19. Denis Leamy (Ireland)
20. Mike Phillips (Wales)
21. Stephen Jones (Wales)
22. Luke Fitzgerald (Ireland)

Martin Williams ?

Joe Worsley?

Tom Shanklin?

Nathan Hines?


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Will I be accepted to any of the following colleges?

By admin · August 25, 2011 · Filed in Lions Rugby Team · 4 Comments »

I’m really worried about this whole college application process.. I had a rough Freshman and Sophomore year but I really stepped it up last year.

Possible Schools:
University of Tampa
St. Joseph’s University
University of Central Florida
Drexel University
Bentley University
High Point University
Loyola University Chicago
University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Roger Williams University
James Madison University
University of Denver
DePaul University

As for me…

Intended Major: Journalism, Communications, or Marketing
State: Connecticut
School Type: Competitive Public
Ethnicity: White
Religion: Catholic
Gender: Male

SAT I: 1880 [ 630 / 630/ 620 ]
GPA: 2.7 [ Overall ]
[ Grade 9 ] 2.2
[ Grade 10 ] 2.6
[ Grade 11 ] 3.3

As you can see, my GPA has increased significantly year after year. I’ll be taking AP Physics and AP Psychology this year. I fully intend to raise my GPA even higher.

1. Rugby Team [ 9 JV, 10 V, 11 V, 12 Captain ] – State Championship Runner Ups [ 11 ]
2. Lions Club [ 11, 12 Board Member ] – 150+ Hours of Community Service
3. Intern at Advanced Media, Inc. – 250+ Hours
4. Administrative Assistant at a reknowned Construction, Brokerage, and Facility Management Company – 300 + Hours
5. Freelance Journalist [ 11, 12 ] — More than 500 news articles and editorials read by more than 3.5 million people
6. Attended the National Student Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. [ 9 ]
7. Indoor Track [ 9 V, 10 V, 11 V, 12 V ]
8. Football [ 9 F, 10 JV ]
@OakleyJD I plan to have a great senior year and end up with at least a 2.9.
@guy sense 4.0 scale

Most colleges are not going to consider grades past junior year. At best only the first half of Senior year would be looked at for the handful of highly selective private colleges that consider Senior year grades and even that would not be possible if applying early action/early decision which often offers a significantly higher rate of admission. Look to see if the colleges that you are applying to consider freshman year at all and then look to see how they consider grade trends. The general idea is that the highest level in a subject is what is most important. Also for subjects that are tested on the Sat or Act- English, Algebra1, Algebra 2, Geometry (Sat) and all those subjects plus Trigonometry on the Act, the test scores give more insight into level of achievement in a subject. None of the public universities in California consider freshman year. Now days, due to pressure from certain factions, many colleges place an overwhelming weighting on grades as opposed to standardized test scores, and without even adjusting the grades for the competitive level of the high school or adjusting in a negative fashion for competitive high schools. Class rank is also considered without regard to the competitive level of the high school and even students who cannot achieve very minimal test scores are admitted to highly selective universities due to high Gpa and Class rank at an uncompetitive high school. Try and ferret out the colleges that consider the competitive level of the high school and place more weight on test scores than Gpa.
For instance U of Tampa…
Collegesearch indicates that 24% of students had between a 2.5 and 3.0 Gpa

Collegesearch also indicates that the the 25th percentile Sat Scores are: 490/490/480
The 75th percentile Sat scores are: 570/590/580

Standardized test scores, academic Gpa and rigor of school record are all very important facotrs.

Based on the above information, it seems like you should be admitted
St. Joseph’s University
15% had a Gpa between 2.5 and 2.99

Sat 25th: 510/520/510
Sat 75th: 600/610/610

Academic GPA and Rigor of secondary school record are very important factors
Character, Application Essay and Recommendations are Important factors
Standardized test scores and extracurricular activities are considered

Based on the above, probably not a good idea to place a high level of confidence in being admitted.

You can go through the rest using the same method of analysis. One factor that could significantly alter chances of admission is whether you are recruit caliber in Rugby. Although not an NCAA sport, there are definitely colleges that recruit for the sport including UC Berkeley and West Point. For athletic recruits, at most schools, as long as the recruit meets the minimum standards required for admission, he is admitted
A post grad year might be worth considering. If your grades improve further Senior year and with higher Sat/Act scores, and a post grad year, you would be able to gain admission to more selective universities than are on your list.

Good Luck!

What happens 2 people wen they are over powered and just about 2 get their eye gouged out do some just give up?

By admin · May 18, 2011 · Filed in Lions Rugby Team · 2 Comments »

My question is about heart and the will to win/survive. I think some people are too scared negative and depressive and give up and let terrible things happen to them where as others will fight to the end no matter what they will keep fighting even if they are being pinned down and raped by an entire rugby team!

How does one develop the heart of a Lion?

You don’t develop heart, you are born with it.

What have the Highlanders and Reds done to turn their Super Rugby fortunes around?

By admin · May 3, 2011 · Filed in Lions Rugby Team · 4 Comments »

These two franchises for some time had been the whipping boys of their respective countries, New Zealand and Australia, for some time, yet now they are serious contenders for their respective conference titles, with the Reds playing some of the most exiting rugby in the entire competition. What is their secret? Were they poorly administrated? Have they been restructured from the bottom up to correct any problems they may have had? Is it coaching?

I ask this because I am a miserable Lions supporter. A franchise that has spent it’s entire history occupying the bottom two spots on the log (If you ignore the Transvaal’s victory in the 1993 Super 10 championship and two semi-final berths in 2000 & 2001 as the Cats). They seem to have adopted a losing culture that cannot be broken. A problematic factor is also the fact that any developing talent is rapidly snapped up by other SA franchises. It is also something that affects the Cheetahs, the bulk of their talented players are poached by the more attractive coastal franchises. Is this an issue that faces New Zealand and Aussie franchises, in which their promising talent is poached by more attractive franchises? Did the Crusaders develop their own or raid the Chiefs and Highlanders? At the height of their powers, did the Brumbies and Waratahs raid the Reds? I just can’t get my head around it. The strange thing is that the Lions’ Vodacom Cup (tournament for upcoming talent) sides always do well, recently topping their group, and their Currie Cup teams always put up a far stronger challenge, yet they’re a joke at Super Rugby level.

for the highlanders,it has been jamie joseph…he has created a new culture within the highlanders and established (with seniors players) what it means to be a "highlanders man" which revolves around the proud history that Otago rugby had, especially in the 90′s. the players have bought into it and have trained and played according to what it is to be a highlanders man, and the performances have shown which leads to the results. they are never blown off the park and stay in the game and play all out for 80 minutes.
another reason is most of the forwards are from the southland provincial team which has performed really well being top 4 team over the last few years and ranfurly shield holders. having picked up some handy players has really helped too. guys like kade poki,nasi manu,jarrod hoeata and siale piutau have gone to another level in this years competition.

for the reds it has been ewen mckenzie. he has turned the forward pack into a very competitive unit and unlike most australian teams they have a stable scrum and good lineout. they also compete very well at breakdowns. this makes it easier for genia and cooper to run the show because they are going forward.earlier this year,the reds forwards were not doing too well and cooper was made to look average.

i dont watch the lions much but if they want to be competitive in this comp, they really need to start in the forwards and their cant win games by letting as many tries as they do.they seem to have a few very good young players,they need to hold onto them and try a recruit a few more experienced players to help with the development of these guys at this level.

S.A vs NZ Maori team – Your thoughts?

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Red-tape threatens to stand in the way of the New Zealand Maori side making an historic tour of South Africa.

Springbok coach Peter de Villiers said earlier this week he wanted his side to face the Maori team in the lead-up to this year’s tour of South Africa by the British Lions.

The match had been pencilled in for Soweto.

However, SA Rugby has issued a statement saying that while discussions had begun over the possible New Zealand Maori/Springbok clash, significant work behind the scenes still had to be done.

That included working around a political stand to not allow the Boks to play against racially-selected teams.

Ironically, race is one of the selection criteria for the World Cup-winning Boks, with an accepted number of non-white players having to be named in each squad.

SA Rugby would like to advise media on the background to speculation that a match is being arranged against the New Zealand Maori, the statement read.

We can confirm that the New Zealand Rugby Union has inquired if there was an opportunity for the Maori team to appear in South Africa.

SA Rugby is examining the possibility but no decision has been taken on whether the offer will be accepted and there are several obstacles to overcome should we wish to pursue the offer.

They include the financial viability of the project, logistics around venues and player availability and the fundamental stumbling block of a long-established President’s Council resolution forbidding the appearance of SARU teams against opponents selected along racial lines.

A final decision is not expected until the end of March.

The match would give New Zealand Maori a reprieve for this season.

The side looked set to be sidelined for 2009 after the NZRU cut them from its calendar as part of its cost-cutting moves.

de Villiers then revealed that the South African Rugby Union was in negotiations to bring the Maori side to South Africa to play the Springboks in June.

The match would be the Boks’ final warm-up match before the three-test series against the touring British Lions begins on June 20.

SARU has already confirmed a warm-up match against Namibia.

We are playing them (Namibia) on May 29, de Villiers told Rapport.

The game in Soweto is, however, subject to certain conditions and has not been finalised, but I hope it will happen.

It will help me a great deal for my preparation. We can’t take on the Lions without warm-up games.

New Zealand Maori won last year’s Pacific Nations Cup.

They had previously taken part in the Churchill Cup, normally played in North America.

C’mon, people, you are being way too serious (and *way* too political) about this. NZ Maori is a mechanism to allow some more of the lads a chance to play very high-quality, representative rugby, thereby upgrading their experience, keeping them in the eye of the selectors, and generally improving competetive rugby overall in NZ. And high-quality rugby it is: they beat B&I Lions during the last tour, and regularly win the Churchill Cup in North America against the A sides from ENG, IRE, SCO and the national teams for Canada and USA. They would be a very good hit-out for the Boks, and provide high-quality, entertaining rugby for the RSA fans.

It also honors a long tradition of contribution of the Maori people to rugby in NZ; call it a cultural thing. But don’t get too hung up on the racial aspect – the qualifications are pretty loose: if I remember correctly, Christian Cullen – now there’s a old, traditional Maori name – lined up with them once or twice.

If you can round up a Kiwi with no Maori background, he’s still got proportionally more high-level rugby union available to him (ABs, Junior ABs, Super-14, and ANZ Cup provincial) than any other population on Earth. That’s not a racial situation that needs protecting in order to redress historical mistreatment or to calm our politically-correct nerves.

I’d like to see NZ Maori (now that they have lost NZRFU funding) operate a bit like the Barbarians – become a barn-storming, all-star team that everyone wants to play against. Maybe they modify the Barbaraian tradition (of one uncapped player), and select one non-Maori.

And then let’s all go out and and have some fun playing rugby.

Mark L.

2 questions for all rugby union fans?

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firstly which do you think is the toughest competion the 6 nations or the tri-nations, ans how do you think the 6 nations teams would do in the tri-nations tournament and vice versa, and also how do you think a British Isles team would do in the world cup if they played together regularly instead of once every 4 years in the Lions Tours. Personally I dont think the 6 nations teams would be succesful against the tri-nations, although i think England and France would hold there own with maybe a 50 percent win rate home and away against the big 3 down under. On the flip side I think NZ could possibly win a 6 nations tournament with Aus and SA coming close. On the other point I think that a combined GB side would take over from NZ as the worlds most feared side and would undoubtadely be a semifinalist/finalist/winner in every tournament, and for all southern hemisphere fans how do you feel about Argentina joining the tri-nations. Tell me what you think and where you are from. Im from England

The Tri-nations is defs more tougher then the Six nation but atm i reckon England might trouble some of the Tri nation teams and France. i dont think any of the european teams would win a Six nation tournament again if the Tri Nation teams played in that comp lol.

If the British isle trained for ages and then entered the world cup then they would def be one of the favourites coming close to winning it or winning it. and yea if they played as GB for good they would be a fearfull side with alot of stars in that team but that would be abit unfair ahah cause they would be the new All Blacks haha .

I reckon its good that Argentina is entering the tournament it will help them develop as a rugby nation although im affraid they might not win much games for awhile with them up against 3 powerhouses.

Im from Australia but am a true supporter for the Auckland blues and All Blacks.

How should Great Britain enter the 2016 Olympic rugby 7′s tournament?

By admin · October 6, 2010 · Filed in Lions Rugby Team · 2 Comments »

I have just been watching the opening ceremony of the 2010 commonwealth games opening ceremony in the process of the commentary the commentator mentioned how rugby 7′s is going to be taking place in Rio in 2016 and it made me think: How are Britain going to enter? Like football, international rugby is played individually by the home nations.
Unlike football, Rugby union isn’t blessed with lots of talented nations (even though smaller nations perform better at 7′s than 15) so a British entry may be necessary, especially since 3 (England, Scotland, Wales) of the (GB) nations (Northern Ireland are part of the Ireland team) are in IRB top 10 world rankings and they were also in "core teams" in the 09-10 IRB sevens world series (They get to enter all World 7 events).
So for the credibility for 7′s it might be called imperative that a Great Britain is allowed to enter, but how?
Luckily Rugby, unlike Football has a potential precedent in the shape of the Lions (with Ireland, I know) tour to the southern hemisphere every 4 years.

Should a potential GB team (should qualification be successful) enter under the Lions name/banner (if allowed or if necessary) or should it just be Great Britain?

He are a of articles i found online:

I believe in strong diversity. Thus I want Great Britain to come in as Great Britain at the Rugby Sevens in 2016 Olympic games.

Is Super Rugby getting "watered down"?

By admin · July 28, 2010 · Filed in Lions Rugby Team · 5 Comments »

I ask this question upon hearing that the much maligned Southern Kings, a Rugby franchise based in Eastern Cape, South Africa, has been granted provisional entrance into the 2013 addition of the Super Rugby tournament. The Southern Kings will be based around South African provincial sides that do not even play in our top flight division, the Currie Cup.

Now, I am South African and embarrassingly, a Lions fan, and I’ll be the first to admit that the Lions are not Super Rugby material and have become a joke. And after looking promising, the loss of their Wallabies has turned the Western Force into a basement team. And then New Zealand has the Highlanders. They are much better than the Lions but for years now, they have literally been "champions of the basement", beating out the Lions, Reds and Cheetahs. And, besides the Lions and the impending arrival of the Kings, Australia has their Melbourne franchise coming in. The alarming thing about the Melbourne franchise is, is that they have been heavily recruiting South African talent to bolster their ranks, proving that Australia lacks the depth to front more than 3 competitive Union sides while facing competition from League and Aussie Rules.

So, by expanding within the SANZAR nations, do you think Super Rugby is getting watered down as non of the expansion teams have actually made any impact nor do they look like it? And is it time the SANZAR boys start looking at inviting franchises/teams from outside of South Africa, New Zealand and Australia?

yes. But you’re being short-sighted here. The extra franchises will develop talent and it will lead to growth of the game in Oz, I hope.

Folau set to switch to AFL: report?

By admin · June 3, 2010 · Filed in Lions Rugby Team · 13 Comments »

Giant rugby league centre Israel Folau will inform the Brisbane Broncos on Tuesday he is accepting a massive offer to switch to the AFL.

The 21 year-old, who has played eight Tests for Australia and six State of Origin games for Queensland, will sign a three-year deal with expansion AFL club Greater Western Sydney, who enter the competition in 2012.

The deal is worth a reported $3 million.

Folau will be the second big name Bronco to make the leap to AFL after another of the club’s superstars, fullback Karmichael Hunt, signed a big deal with the Gold Coast Football Club which will debut in the code next year.

Hunt said on Monday he thought Folau would be able to make the move from the NRL without any problems.

"He definitely has the skill set to make the transition," Hunt told a packed press conference on the Gold Coast.

Folau, who is 195cm and 102kg, is very similar in build to Brisbane Lions full forward and AFL juggernaut Johnathan Brown.

His high leaping exploits in rugby league have excited fans but there are concerns he may not have the kicking game to make a success in the AFL.

With Brisbane winning their last three NRL games to surge back into the top eight and Queensland winning the opening State of Origin game in Sydney last Wednesday night there was a pool of thought Folau may have been wavering about leaving the code.

Folau said on Monday he would seek some advice from Hunt about his decision after ruling out a $600,000-a-season offer from Melbourne’s new Super 15 franchise, the Melbourne Rebels.

It’s understood he will speak to Broncos coach Ivan Henjak on Tuesday about his move, ending months of intense speculation about his future.

Earlier this month he failed to take up a two year option on his Broncos contract for season 2011-12.

There’s been speculation Folau, whose family live in Brisbane, wants to get some independence and moving to Sydney as the face of a new franchise gives him that opportunity.

Folau is understood to have undergone extensive AFL "testing" with GWS.

Unlike Hunt, who will have just two or three games to prepare himself for his greatest sporting challenge, Folau would have 12 months of playing in the VFL competition to ready him for his debut in 2012.

Folau’s place in Queensland’s Origin side for the second game of the series seems safe despite his switch after Maroons coach Mal Meninga had a change of heart from his initial stance against selecting him if he was leaving rugby league.

But former Queensland State of Origin great Gorden Tallis said he should be barred from selection.

"If he’s going to go you just put Brent Tate in or you put in a young winger or a young centre," Tallis told Fox Sports.

"If he does (sign to play AFL) you don’t let him play in our showpiece, something that he loves."

Tallis said Folau’s high price signing would create jealousy within the team and the franchise would struggle to attract crowds once the novelty wore off, particularly if they started losing matches.

"They are actually ruining their own game – it is going to be a novelty act," he said.

Are you surprised?

Yet another act of greed.. Turned down $600,000 in union for $1,000,0000 in AFL.. Pretty obvious if you ask me. Him and Khunt will be so happy together rolling in their bags of money… that is… until they realise they don’t know how to play AFL..

What is with AFL and Union trying to build themselves rugby league teams.. Have they finally come to realise that we are better then them?

Good riddance. If all he’s interested in is the money then he can go wherever he likes, I don’t care.

I’d laugh if he can’t kick a ball.

Team changing, is it ok?

By admin · March 4, 2010 · Filed in Lions Rugby Team · 1 Comment »

Hi people,

I know this is bad to even be thinking of doing, but hear me out.

I have followed Brisbane since I was 8 and began footy ( I’m now 15) but lately the club has been pi$$ing me off. Here are a few reasons.

1. I can’t stand their new jumper, nor can I stand the fact that they got rid of the fitzroy lion.
2. The player that I’ve always hated the most is fev, and they tried to get rid of braddy for him, and now braddy is gone anyway mainly because of the attempted trade. I’m not exactly sure if I would be able to barrack for fevola… (seriously, I hate him more than collingwood or rugby league)
3. I know this was almost 2 years ago, but bushy copeland was by far my favourite player and a soon as vossy came in he delisted him.

These are just a few things that have made me angry at the club, but my question is, what you do in this situation, and is it a bad thing if j wanted to barrack for another team.

The team I like is hawthorn, I already follow them every week, but the lions have usually been my team.

Sorry for the lengthy question, but what do you think?

I reckon if you followed a real mans sport like rugby league then you wouldnt be bitchin so much you bloody bogan.